Who We Serve

Transitioning and Uplifting Inc, serves as an outpatient mental health program, providing mental health and substance abuse assessments, individual and group therapy. We serve adults, adolescents and children with a wide range of behavioral health needs — including co-occurring substance abuse needs. We assist our clients with life challenges, relationship issues, behavioral issues with a child or teen, depression, anxiety, trauma, and persistent mental illness. Transitioning and Uplifting Inc, supports adults, adolescences and children with mental and behavioral health issues that need support in developing or maintaining the proper skills in order to function successfully in the community. Individuals will be carefully monitored while receiving services from Transitioning and Uplifting Inc, to make sure all clients are being treated equally and fairly in the program. 


About the Program

Transitioning and Uplifting Inc., is a CARF accredited  Behavioral  &  Mental   Health  Program that demonstrates quality programming, transparency, and commitment and satisfaction to  ALL  persons served. We strive to help individuals living with mental illness achieve a higher level of independence. We provide short, intermediate and long term substance abuse and mental health services for both adults and adolescents. With effective services, education and support, addiction can be successfully treated so our clients can live full, meaningful and productive lives in the community.  Ultimately, the goal of our program is to promote uplifting, empowerment, independence, and self-awareness so that Individuals faced with daily challenges can be successful in the community. 


About Us

Transitioning and Uplifting Inc., is a Maryland-based owned and operated   Behavioral  &  Mental  Health provider. We specialize in helping clients who need assistance with unhealthy behaviors and emotions that affect them and their families.

The mental health of our clients is important to us. Through our Mental  Health  Program  and  Psychiatric  Rehabilitation  Program  (PRP), we strive to help our clients reach their full potential. Our dedicated staff are professionals who advocates and provide unconditional support so that our clients can become independent and productive members of the community.

· Understanding Mental Health and Self-Advocacy

· Recognizing and Managing Signs of Stress

· Improving Communication and Social Skills

· Coping Skills

· Family and Community Integration

· Managing Medications

· Identifying and Using Public Assistance Programs

· Mental Illness and Substance Use

· And more